how to make a TURKEY PLANTER



I am really, really not a crafty girl. I am uncoordinated, and tend to make a mess of things. So, if I can make this turkey planter, you can too. Actually, I am totally proud of myself for coming up with the idea on my own because I am pretty short on creative ideas that don’t include food. Steve and I were at the local home store a day or two before Halloween, and they had pumpkin planters, but it was really too late to be buying or making Halloween decorations, so we began thinking Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I came up with the turkey. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know this is not much. I mean there is not any sewing or even gluing involved, just paint. But, really when I say I am not crafty, you just don’t understand. It took me about fifteen minutes to get up the nerve to touch the wooden spoon with the paint pen. And, I bought two spoons because I just knew I would mess it up. It isn’t perfect, but I only used one, so bonus – a new wooden spoon!




As you can see I took pictures of Steve planting some more flowers in the same way he planted these. He planted them for me and came in to tell me how he had done it, so I could write it up and I was like, “WHAT?” I had no idea. Completely confused, so he had to do it again with the second pot, so I could see. So, here is what we did:

What you need:

1 large pot (I used an old plastic fake terra cotta pot that we were not using anymore.)

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brown spray paint

1 wooden spoon

paint pens in white, black, yellow, and red

1 pot about 4 inches in diameter of chrysanthemums

6 small pansy plants

Spray the outside of the pot with brown spray paint and let dry. Draw a turkey face on the wooden spoon with the paint pens. I kind of tried to copy this one I found at ABC Teach. It is one of their printables, but I didn’t print it. I just eyeballed it. Add some potting soil to the bottom of the pot. Remove the chrysanthemums from the pot they came in and cut the dirt in half almost to the back (see photo above). Open them up and put them in the pot (again see photo above). Add some more potting soil in front of the chrysanthemums and plant the pansies in it. Insert spoon.



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