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How To Grow A Never-Ending Supply Of Salad Greens

Great news: you never have to buy salad greens ever again.

We’re not suggesting that you give up on eating healthy salads. Nope, you should actually eat more of them. We’re recommending that you grow your own salad greens, because if you plant the right variety — the cut-and-come-again crops — they’ll feed you again and again throughout the season. Sow once and feast for months.

We’ve already gone over how to grow herbs indoors. And we’ve found many great ways to create gardens in tiny spaces . Today though, we’re sharing the trick to growing your own salad so that you never have to buy another head of leaf lettuce. It’s all thanks to the fine folks at, who put together the infographic below.

Next time you go to the store, buy seeds instead of greens. Then follow the step-by-step instructions for growing your very own fresh, ample supply of salad greens forever more.


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