6 Projects that Use Recycled Materials for Your Garden


You can use tires for SO many things in your gardens. I especially like the idea of painting them and then making a fun artistic display for your garden. What a great idea!


Take old silverware and use it to make markers for your garden. You can write the names of plants on them, or paint them, or even imprint them onto the silverware!


Garden pallets are often recycled, and there are seriously SOOO many things you can use them for. You can make garden furniture, herb containers, and so much more. Take the pallet apart and make a great garden path.


Take old rain boots and use them as little flower holders to decorate your yard and garden. The more colors, sizes, and shapes of the boots, the better!


You can use tin or aluminum cans to make some great herb holders for your garden. You can hang them on the wall, put them on a ledge, or just leave them on the ground.


Ladders are great for garden projects, especially if they’re old and rustic looking. A common garden project is to stack pots and planters on it for decorative purposes.

6 Projects that Use Recycled Materials for Your Garden

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