Make a Holiday Container Garden



Now is the time to gather the evergreen, fir, spruce and pine branches that the autumnal winds have blown from trees for use in a holiday container garden. Save any pruned branches as well, and store outside in a covered location, garage, or shed. If the area where the branches are stored is dry, be sure to keep the boughs hydrated by periodically spritzing with water. Before you know it, it will be time to use these branches as fillers in outdoor holiday container planters, window boxes, hanging porch baskets or indoor/outdoor centerpieces.  Read on to learn how to simply and affordably make an outdoor and indoor holiday display with fresh tree branches and clippings.

Supplies for Holiday Container Garden

Gardening gloves
Pruning tool
Winterberries, holly, or artificial berry sprigs.

Directions to Make a Holiday Container Garden

  1. Select a large container, urn, barrel, or window box and fill it halfway with soil.
  2. Wear gloves when dealing with branches to protect your hands from needles and pitch. Gather saved branches and discarded tree trimmings, or purchase pre-cut bundles of branches of evergreen and spruce trees from a greenhouse.
  3. Use the pruning tool to cut the branches to desired lengths. Insert branches deep enough into the soil that they are solidly supported and arrange for fullness. For added visual interest, color, and texture, insert a few branches from a variety of other evergreen species and include branches with pinecones still attached if possible.
  4. To finish it off, add a few branches of winterberry and/or holly for seasonal color.

Outside planters will look fresh throughout the winter months.


Supplies for Holiday Centerpiece

Table top container, urn, or plant pot
Saucer or non-draining container that will easily fit into the bottom of the planter you are using
Pruning tool
Green floral foam
Floral wire
Floral tape
Small ornaments, bead strings, small pinecones and sprigs of artificial berries. Note: Live berries used for inside displays will shrivel and die within a few days and may be toxic to children and pets. Artificial berry sprigs are recommended for indoor arrangements.
Boxwood clippings

Directions to Make a Holiday Centerpiece

  1. Soak boxwood branches in water for about one hour.
  2. Place the floral foam inside the smaller container and secure by wrapping floral tape vertically twice making a + design. Use the knife to shave off excess foam to fit the container if needed.
  3. Begin inserting sprigs of boxwood at the bottom and make your way up to the top, pruning as necessary to create a tree shape.
  4. Twist floral wire around pinecones and tiny decorations and attach to the branches or insert directly into the floral foam.
  5. Finish decorating by adding beads and artificial berries.
  6. Place the arrangement in the outer container and fill the saucer with water.

Be sure to add more water to the foam every few days. The indoor display should last a few weeks as long as it is regularly watered.


Article Source: Make a Holiday Container Garden